Simple Notifications: SMS Text Messages, Email or Slack

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Many business processes can be enhanced by sending notifications to people when certain stages are reached. Notifications are simple messages that can be triggered from any node in your decision tree.

You have these options:

  • Text Messages: You’ll receive a simple SMS message to your mobile phone. (This is an extra cost of $0.01 per message in the USA).
  • Emails: A simple, text email message.
  • Slack: Send a message to any of your Slack channels.

Notifications can be sent to one or more people and can include variables gathered during your Zingtree session.

Enable SMS Text Messaging Capabilities

In order to enable SMS for your organization(s), Zingtree requires some information from you. Please use the form below to process a request to enable SMS:

How to Add SMS, Email or Slack Notifications

Once Text/SMS capabilities have been set up for your organization, you'll find Text message notifications are available via Account Settings > My Apps.  Email and Slack notifications are available for you by default.

Here’s how to add a notification:

  1. From Apps & Integrations, pick from Slack, Text Message or Email notification.
  2. Add information about the notification. Text messages notifications look like this:2021-07-16_10-31-35.png
    Email notifications like this:

    Slack notifications let you select a channel to post to, like this:



    Once you’ve added a notification to your organization, you can attach it to any node.

  3. Edit the node where you want to send the notification from.
  4. In the Apps/Webhooks section, click Add App.

    2022-04-27_18-04-07 (1).png

  5. Pick the notification you added previously, and enter the message to send. In this example, we’ll choose a Slack notification, and send a message about a new blog post.


    Notice that the message above contains a variable #task_name#. You can include any variables from the Zingtree session in notification messages.

You can add several notifications to a node; so, for example, you could send a text message and an email all at once.

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