Calculate the number of days between dates

Zingtree has built a handy webhook where you can calculate the number of days between dates. You just need to add a new Webhook and install it into the node where you want the calculation to take place. Here's how to set it up:

Step 1: Add the Webhook to your Organization

  1. Go to Account, My Apps.
  2. Click on Add Webhook.
  3. Give the Webhook a name (like "Number of days"), and enter this for the webhook URL:

 The end result looks like this: 

Step 2: Call the webhook from your tree

Open your tree, and edit the node where you want the age calculated.

  1. Under the Apps / Webhooks tab, click Add App / Webhook.
  2. Pick the Webhook you added previously ("Number of days" , for example).
  3. In the Message Data area, enter something like this:
    date1={first date}&date2={second date}&var=diff
  4. Save the changes to the node.

Your edits should look something like this:

Now just use #‌diff# anywhere you want to show the date difference.


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