Formatting Currency (Money)

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Zingtree provides a simple Webhook for taking numeric input, and converting it to a nicely formatted currency value. Like in these examples:

  • 1234567 -> $1,234,567
  • 123456 -> $123,456
  • 123.00 -> $123
  • 123.45 -> $123.45


In this example, we'll assume your tree has a variable named amount, and you want to convert it to a variable called dollars that displays nicely.

First of all, create a webhook to call the currency converter.

  1. Go to Apps & Integrations
  2. Click on Add Webhook
  3. Give the webhook a name, and enter this into the URL:
    It will look like this:
  4. Add the Webhook.

Next, go into your tree, and add the webhook to a node after the amount variable has been set.

  1. Edit the node, and click Apps/Webhooks
  2. Pick the new Webhook you created from the list. Ours is called "Currency Formatter".
  3. Add these parameters to the message data:

    It looks like this:
  4. Now insert #dollars# into the content area to display the result.

Parameter Reference

In the Message Data, you can include these parameters:

  • value= (the numeric value to convert)
  • return= (the variable that gets the formatted currency)
  • currency= (The currency, i.e. USD, EUR, etc.) USD is the default.
  • locale= (How to format the number returned by region.) Default is USA (en_US). German would be de_DE, etc.


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