Agent Portal

All about the Zingtree Agent Portal.

  • Agent Portal

    The Zingtree Agent Portal is a simple, standalone way for agents to access interactive Zingtree scripts from the browser.  Overview The Zingtree Agent Portal is a simple way to give agents access t...

  • Agent Portal Options: Customizing the Agent Portal

    Zingtree offers a few ways to customize the look and functionality of your Agent Portal. Here are some of the options: Adding a Custom Logo To replace the default Zingtree Agent Portal logo with yo...

  • Agent Alerts

    Agent alerts are notifications to agents when critical parts of an interactive decision tree have changed. Overview An agent alert appears like this: Some key points about Agent Alerts: The agent...

  • Agent Portal Troubleshooting

    There are two common reasons a tree doesn't appear in the Agent Portal: You have tagged your agents, and there are no trees with corresponding tags. Click here to learn about agent and tree tag ma...

  • Agent Feedback: How to get comments on your Tree

    You can have your end-users or live support agents send you helpful comments on your tree.  For Zingtree Hosted trees, you can enable this feature using the Settings tool.   The end-users of your t...

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