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The Zingtree Agent Portal is a simple, standalone way for agents to access interactive Zingtree scripts from the browser. 


The Zingtree Agent Portal is a simple way to give agents access to interactive scripts without having to integrate with a CRM or Help Desk system. 

Here's how your scripts appear in the Agent Portal:

When your agents click on a script name, their interactive script appears like this:


Test Drive the Agent Portal

Want to use the Agent Portal just like a real live agent?

Try the Agent Portal as customer service star Sheryl Agent.

Accessing the Agent Portal

Everyone who wants access to the Zingtree Agent Portal for your organization needs to log in from You can set up logins for all your agents, and use your own Zingtree account to gain access as well.

The first step is to add yourself as an agent:

  1. Log into your Zingtree account.
  2. Go to My Team > My Agents
  3. Click the Agent Tools menu, and choose Add Me as an Agent.



  4. From the Agent Tools menu, Click Link to Agent Portal.

That’s it. You’re in!

Adding Agents to the Agent Portal

Once you’re happy with how the portal is working, you can give others access.

  1. Go to My Team > My Agents
  2. From the Agent Tools menu, Click Add One New Agent. The Add Agent form appears:mceclip2.png
  3. Enter the agent’s info, then click Create Agent.

You can also add multiple agents in bulk by using the Add Multiple Agents option in step 2 above. It looks like this:


Features of the Agent Portal

Besides the self-explanatory Back, Start again with this Customer, and Done with Customer, there are a few other goodies your agents will appreciate.


Agents can see all the steps they took with the customer by clicking the + icon next to History.

The ‘A’ button at the upper right makes just the answers appear.

Agent Feedback

If an agent sees a problem with a node in your script, they can send feedback directly to the tree’s authors using this button at the lower right of the screen:


Shrink Headers

For a more compressed view, have agents use the  button at the top right.

Searching Trees

Agents can search the list of available trees using the search bar at the top of the screen. The search is an AND-based search similar to google and will return results based on partial matches to a tree title or tag.  

Inserting Agent Info into Scripts

You can personalize your scripts for each agent or organization. When creating your tree, use these placeholders:

#agent_name# – inserts the name of the Agent into the script.
#agent_first_name# – inserts just the agent’s first name.
#agent# – inserts the Agent’s login into the script.
#organization# – inserts the name of your organization into the script.
#started_by# – Shows the name of the agent who started the session.

Hiding Scripts from Agent View

While you’re developing scripts, you may want to keep them out of the Agent Portal until they are ready and approved. Trees in DRAFT status that have never been published are automatically hidden from Agent Portal. You can hide scripts as follows:

  1. Go to the tree you want to hide from the My Trees page.
  2. Go to the Settings tool.
  3. Select Hide from Agent Portal View.

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