Agent Alerts

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Agent alerts are notifications to agents when critical parts of an interactive decision tree have changed.


An agent alert appears like this:


Some key points about Agent Alerts:

  • The agent cannot continue to use the tree until they dismiss the alert.
  • Once the alert is shown to an agent, he/she will see it just once.
  • Alerts can appear on subtrees (trees launched via tree nodes), or the starting tree.
  • You can add and manage alerts from My Team, My Agents, Agent Tools, Agent Alerts.

  • Alerts are tied to specific trees. Currently, there are no universal alerts.
  • The Publish function has an easy way to optionally add an alert.
  • If you have multiple alerts set, they will be combined into a single alert message, rather than showing one by one.

Managing Agent Alerts

Alerts can be added, deleted or modified from a single place. Here’s how to manage them:

  1. Go to My Team, My Agents.
  2. From the Agent Tools menu, select Agent Alerts. The Alert Manager appears:


This page shows all active alerts for every tree in your organization. You can see alerts for specific trees by choosing the tree from the drop-down.

  • To add an alert, click the  Create New Alert button.
  • To delete an alert, click the delete icon2022-04-26_21-09-57.png next to an alert
  • To change the alert text, click the edit icon 2022-04-26_21-11-06.png next to the alert.

Adding an Alert when Publishing

You can add an alert when publishing your tree:


Alerts created in this fashion can still be maintained using the Agent Alerts manager.

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