Agent Portal Options: Customizing the Agent Portal

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Zingtree offers a few ways to customize the look and functionality of your Agent Portal. Here are some of the options:

Adding a Custom Logo

To replace the default Zingtree Agent Portal logo with your own:

  1. Go to My Account, Organizations and Billing.
  2. Click the Logo and Branding section.
  3. Click Upload Logo Image file.
  4. Locate a file to upload from your computer.
  5. Click Save New Logo.

Customizing the Agent Portal

You can make "Done with Customer" start the same script again, or return to the list of all available scripts. You can also show or hide buttons. This is set using Agent Portal Options as follows:

  1. Go to My Team, My Agents.
  2. Select Agent Portal Options from the Agent Tools menu. This appears:

Here are the options:

  • Log Agent Out after:  Lets you set a timeout to force agents to log back in after a certain amount of idle time.
  • Script Display: Lets you default between a concise view, and a more spacious layout.
  • Language: Pick the language you'd like the agent portal to appear in for your agents.  (Let us know if you'd like a custom translation).
  • Include Start Again: Show or hide the "Start Again with this Customer" button.
  • Include "Done with Customer": Show or hide the "Done with Customer" button.
  • Done with Customer goes to: Change what happens when Done with Customer is selected. This can return to the same script (for a new customer), or go back to the list of scripts.
  • Include Linked Trees: This expands the scope of searches in the Agent Portal.
  • Custom Agent Portal Title: If you'd like something different than the default "Agent Home", change this.
  • Extra tree URL parameters: You can customize how all trees are displayed using Zingtree's default URL parameters. 
  • Customize the Agent Portal: Add CSS or Javascript/jQuery to execute once any page in the Portal is loaded. (Examples below).

Example Customizations

Using the "Customize" option, you can change a lot of the Agent portal. Here's an example:

Change the text of the "Done with Customer" button to "Finished", and the top title to "My Scripts":

$('#agent-portal-done-with-customer').text("Finished") ;
$('#agent-portal-title').text("My Scripts") ;

You enter the customization like this:


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