Tree Nodes: Automatic Return to Previous Tree

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When using a tree node to launch a subtree, you can configure Zingtree so that the subtree automatically returns to the original tree. Here's how to set it up:

  1. Create your starting tree and the subtree that will be launched from the starting tree.
  2. In the starting tree, create a Tree Node. Specify the node in the starting tree that you want to return to when the subtree is finished (highlighted in yellow below). It looks like this when editing a tree node:2022-04-26_14-00-13.png
  3. In the subtree, create a new tree node, and specify it as “Return to previous tree”. Like this:2022-04-26_14-01-34.png
  4. When the "Return to previous tree" node is reached in the subtree, the return node from the starting tree will appear.

Exception for Persistent Buttons

When a tree node is launched from a persistent button, and then a return is encountered, the return will go to the node where the persistent button was launched from. 


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