Tree Nodes: Link Trees Together

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About Tree Nodes

Zingtree makes it easy to break up your projects into smaller pieces using Tree Nodes.  A Tree Node lets you open a new tree from within an existing one. This diagram shows how it works:



Here's how to set up Tree Nodes:

First, create a Tree Node. This is a node that will open one of your other trees:

  1. Open your tree.
  2. Click +New Node, then Add Node.
  3. Click Tree Node
  4. Select the tree to open from the list.

Finally, link one of your buttons from another node to the new tree node. When the button is clicked, the new tree appears.

When creating a tree node,  the new tree will start at the root node by default.  However, you can specify a different starting node if you like.

Editing a tree node works like this:


Viewing Linked Tree Pathways

The Linked Trees tool allows you to view the full system and web of linked trees in your organization. This can help you understand how the different trees are connected and how they interact with each other. 

Access the Linked Trees tool from the left sidebar of your My Trees page.

  • In the example above we can see all of the Tree Node connections. Notice that the "Call Start" tree has several trees connected to it. And that all pathways eventually lead to the "Call Wrap Up Process" tree. 
  • The color of the dots represents the tree's publishing status as defined in the key.
  • Hover over a dot to view that tree's details.
  • Click on a dot to open that tree in the editor.
  • Zoom controls allow you to zoom in or out.
  • You can click and drag to move the canvas around.



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