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  • Did you Know? - Fun with Variables

    Variables are a powerful tool for recalling data in your scripts, but did you know you can use them in more places than just the text and media content editor? Here are some ideas for you to try.  ...

  • Agent Onboarding Templates

    You've been hard at work building out trees, and you're getting ready to roll them out to your agents. Now you need to create messaging to help set them up for success. We've got you covered with s...

  • Organizations: What Are They And Why Should I Use Them?

    Organization. It’s important. But not all of us are the type of rockstar that eats, sleeps, and breathes immaculately clean offices, color-coordinated highlighters, and perfectly sorted desktop fol...

  • Before You Build: Implementation Strategies

    So you just adopted Zingtree’s agent scripting and/or knowledge management solution and you're eager to start putting it to work. You’re excited to start documenting your processes and reap the tim...

  • How to Setup a Knowledge Management Framework

    More and more companies are realizing the importance of knowledge management and the difference it can make in driving efficiency across a wide array of business operations. Employee performance, C...

  • How to Drive Knowledge Management Engagement

    How important is Knowledge in an organization? How can you measure and improve the engagement, and use its tools and contents? There are a number of valid theories out there and lots of options to ...

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