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Variables are a powerful tool for recalling data in your scripts, but did you know you can use them in more places than just the text and media content editor? Here are some ideas for you to try.


Node Titles

Try using variable names in your node titles. In this example we'll customize a document node with your customer's name. You'll want to collect the name in your workflow before your document. Create a Data Entry Field and give it a variable name like #first_name#. Title your document node like this: #first_name#'s Document



Logic Expressions

Variables are invaluable in your logic expressions. All of the data collected can be used to create automations using if/then statements. This removes unnecessary decision-making from your agents which will help them build expertise in the flows quickly.


Let's look at how you could use these. You have a workflow and it splits based on whether somebody is 21 or older. In your workflow, the agent captures the persons age using a Data Entry Field. The variable name is #age#. On your logic node use the variable in your logic expression to branch to the correct path. 





You can use variables in a variety of ways in an email node. Here are two of the most common.


Send an Email:

You can use variables to send emails to your customers automatically. Create a Data Entry Field to collect an email address (Using the email field type will also validate whatever email is entered). Give it a variable name like #email#. In the Send Email To: field on your email node, input the #email# variable. Now whatever email is entered in the Data Entry Field will automatically populate. 



Subject Lines:

You can customize subject lines with variables. In this example, we've added the #first_name# variable to the preheader so that the subject is customized with the customer's name. 




Button Names

You can even use variables in your button names. 



Try these out and see what you can come up with!




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