Zingtree Hosted Trees

Zingtree can host your tree for you. Find details here.

  • Have Zingtree Host Your Tree

    You can have Zingtree host your tree if you don't have a website, or don't want to use embed code or CRM Integration. Zingtree provides a URL that you can share with anyone who needs access via the...

  • How to Launch a Tree from any Node

    There may be times you want to run your tree from a node other than the root node. This is easily accomplished by adding ?start_node= and the node number to your Zingtree-hosted URLs. For example, ...

  • Troubleshooter: Hosted Trees not Appearing

    When Zingtree hosts your trees, there are very few instances when something can go wrong. In some cases, trees with script code in them or imported from other formatted sources may cause errors in ...

  • Permalinks - How to show URL links to all nodes

    You can enable the display of your tree to show a link to an individual node of your tree. These are called Permalinks. Copying a permalink is an easy way to share a link that goes directly to an i...

  • Is there a minimum browser requirement?

    Zingtree is compatible with most any modern web browser. Including but not limited to: Chrome Safari Edge Firefox Note: Internet Explorer is not supported in future versions of Zingtree as Micros...

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