Search Forms

How to add and manage Search Forms.

  • Adding a Search Form to your Trees

    Providing a search option is a great complement to the various guided paths you provide. A search box looks like this:   How to add a search form to a Content Node: Open a Content Node in which y...

  • How to Hide Nodes from Search Results

    There may be times when you don't want a node ever to appear in a search result. You can hide specific nodes from all searches, or hide a node from agent searches or end-user searches. To start: O...

  • How to Insert a List of Nodes Matching a Search Term

    If you want to insert a list of pages that contain a search term, there is a simple Insert Template to do this. For example, a list of all content nodes in a tree that refer to "ordering" could be ...

  • How to Add Hidden Keywords to Target Search Queries

    When including a search box in your tree, you can expand the scope of your search by adding hidden keywords to the Content Node.  For example, if you have a node about "printers", and you want peop...

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