Crafting Personalized Outputs with Document Nodes

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When authors aim to create tailored printouts from their collected session or call data, they often want to showcase only the most relevant text linked to the variables they've gathered.

Right now, Zingtree's #ALLDATA# feature prints out everything, regardless of whether those variables were actually used during the interaction.

But, if you want to display specific text based on the variables that were actually defined or filled during the session, here's where the Document Node with advanced logic comes into play.

The key here is setting up logic that checks if a variable has a value. If it does, you'll pick a node to show the customized content. To write it in advanced logic expression, it would look like this: #variablename# != ‘’.

To really make this Document Node shine, you'll need to create several expressions like the above, covering all your different variable cases. As you're setting it up, make sure the nodes you're building correlate with the content you want to display.

By building out this Document Node systematically, you can create outputs that specifically showcase relevant text tied to the variables defined throughout the session.



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