Document Nodes with Advanced Logic Expressions

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The default Document Node is designed to be easy-to-use and foolproof, but if you need more advanced operations you can take advantage of the Advanced option in the Document Node Editor. You can use parenthesis, as well as comparison and logical operators to build complex rules.

Just click the Advanced option, and you can enter expressions, like these shown below:mceclip2.png


If you have variables named age and state:

true Always include a node
(age >= 50) && (state == 'CA') 50 or over from California
(age < 30) && (age > 20) Age over 20 and under 30
state in ['CA','WA','OR'] State is one of CA, WA, OR
(age < 10) || (age > 80) Age is under 10 or over 80



You can use the following operators when building expressions:

Type Description Operator
  Always include a node true
Comparison greater than >
Comparison greater than or equal to >=
Comparison less than <
Comparison less or equal to <=
Comparison equal to ==
Comparison not equal to !=
Comparison identical ===
Comparison not identical !==
Containment matches an item in a list in
Logical and &&
Logical or ||

Other Hints:

  • Parentheses can be nested, and will be evaluated from right to left.
  • Only value/variable comparison expressions with optional logical ANDs/ORs, are supported.
  • For text operations, use single quotes!


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