Transferring Agents Between Organizations

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Agents can only exist in one organization at a time. This article will walk you through transferring agents from one Organization to another. 


  1. Choose the Organization the agent is currently a part of. 
  2. Select Account Settings and then My Agents.2022-07-27_14-15-24.png
  3. Select the Agent you want to transfer and then click Delete.                                                                        2022-07-27_14-19-07.png
  4. Return to the My Trees page and select the new Organization you want the agent to be a part of. 
  5. Select Account Settings and My Agents
  6. Click Add Agent.                                                                                                                                            2022-07-27_14-39-13.png
  7. Enter the Agent's name, and email, then set a password for them. Click Create Agent


Note: If you need an agent to have access to multiple Organizations, you can use separate emails and passwords for each Org. Adding a + and some text after the agent's email is the simplest. Ex. and

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