Security and Compliance Best Practices

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Security is a shared responsibility between Zingtree and it's customers. Zingtree ensures the security and compliance of the platform and data within, while our customers are responsible for using the platform in a secure and compliant manner. Below are some optional features we provide to enable your organization is be secure and compliant.

To view more details on how Zingtree upholds its end, see our Zingtree Trust and Security Portal.


Organization and Author Security Settings

  1. Enable Single Sign-on (SSO) for Authors

  2. Set Data Retention Policy

  3. Enable Secure API and Sessions

  4. Set Author Timeout Settings

 To configure: Team > My Authors > Show Author Security Options > [input duration]        


Agent Portal Security Settings

  1. Enable Single Sign-on (SSO) for Agents

  2. Use Tags to restrict access to specific trees

  3. Set Agent Portal Inactivity Duration

To configure: Team > My Agents > Agent Portal Options >[input duration]         


Tree Security Settings

  1. Require Login via Single Sign-on (SSO)

  2. Secure with Login or API Key

  3. Restrict Access to IP Ranges

       To configure: Select a Tree > Tree Settings > Security Tab


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