Automatic Reports: Receive reports daily, weekly or monthly via email.

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Rather than having to pull reports manually, Zingtree offers an option to email your favorite reports to you on a regular basis.

Here's how to set this up:

  1. Go to Usage Reports, Automatic Reports.
  2. Click on Add New Report. The Automatic reports entry screen appears:mceclip0.png
  3. Pick the report you want, and if it's for a single tree select that tree.
  4. The span indicates how many days to include in the report.
  5. If you choose Daily/Weekly, pick which days of the week to send the report. Or select Monthly and choose which day of the month to send a report for the previous month up to that day.
  6. Enter the email address(es) where the report is to be sent. (You can enter multiple email addresses separated by commas.)
  7. Reports can be sent as HTML file attachments, or CSV files to import into Excel, Google Sheets, or any other system capable of reading CSV data.
  8. Click Save Report when finished.

Important notes:

  • Reports are sent at 1 AM in the timezone selected, ending at the previous day. So if you choose Monday and a 7-day span, your report will be for the preceding Monday through Sunday.
  • If you choose HTML as the attachment type, we recommend downloading the file when you receive it in an email, rather than just clicking on it to preview. The downloaded reports contain formatting, which the preview won't display properly.

Showing All Your Automatic Reports

All of your automatic reports are listed under Account, Automatic Reports. You can edit, delete, or immediately send a report from this screen.


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