How to Launch Trees in a Popup Overlay

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Popup overlays allow you to use a button to launch a tree from your web site. Rather than embedding a tree into a page, you can include a button that launches a tree in a pop-up overlay.

See a demonstration by clicking the button below:

Here's how to make a pop-up overlay:

  1. In the editor, open the tree that you would like to embed.
  2. Click Publish from the menu.
  3. Now choose the Deployment Setup link

  4. Choose the Embed in web page option from the left panel. Expand the section entitled Place a button in your existing web page
  5. Copy the Step 1 button embed code and place it where you want the button to appear on your website. 
  6. Copy the Step 2 code and place it ONCE at the bottom of the page, before the </body> tag.

Note: You can choose different button colors and button text via the Customize Popup Overlay button.

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