How to Embed Trees on your Website

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Once you're happy with your tree, you can place it on your website (or any web page) and make it available to others by adding just a few lines of Javascript code. Your embedded tree will look great on any device: Mobile phone, tablet, or desktop.

Here's one example of how an embedded tree would appear on a customer-facing website:


How to embed a tree on your website:

  1. Click the My Trees option at the top of the screen.
  2. Open the tree to embed.
  3. Select the Publishing option from the menu near the top right, then choose Publishing Links2022-04-04_12-26-33.png
  4. Click By Customers (external use) > Embed the Tree in your Website > In a webpage (iFrame code). Or one of the other options.
  5. Copy the embed code to your website.
  6. You'll be provided with the embed code. Place that code where you'd like the tree to appear on your website.

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