Embedding Trees

Various was to embed a decision tree on your website.

  • How to Embed Trees on your Website

    Once you're happy with your tree, you can place it on your website (or any web page) and make it available to others by adding just a few lines of Javascript code. Your embedded tree will look grea...

  • How to Launch Trees in a Popup Overlay

    Popup overlays allow you to use a button to launch a tree from your web site. Rather than embedding a tree into a page, you can include a button that launches a tree in a pop-up overlay. See a demo...

  • Publishing URL Parameters Reference

    There are lots of options you can use when deploying a tree with a Zingtree URL.  Many of these are available in the Settings tool, but if you add a parameter in the URL it will override anything s...

  • How to Display a Working Decision Tree in a PowerPoint Slide

    Any Zingtree decision tree can be embedded into a PowerPoint slide. Download and install the add-on for PowerPoint called Web Viewer. After installing Web Viewer, close and re-start PowerPoint. In...

  • Browser Caching - Tree Not Updating

    If your changes to a decision tree don't appear right away, this can be caused by one of these: You have not Published the edits to your tree. See this article for details on Publishing. You have ...

  • Embedded Trees not appearing

    Here are the possible reasons an embedded tree does not appear: Most Common Issue If the containing web page has a URL that begins with https, the embed code for your Zingtree must use URLs that al...

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