• Salesforce: How to Integrate

    Get Enterprise AI+ Do you want access to Knowledge Search in your Zingtree+Salesforce integration? Click here to request access. Or contact your Zingtree Account Manager or our Support Team. You w...

  • Inserting or Updating Salesforce Objects

    If you are launching Zingtree decision trees from within Salesforce, you have the ability to update Salesforce objects from any node of your tree. You can also add new Cases or other objects if you...

  • Adding Zingtree Session Data to Salesforce Forms

    This article covers importing the results of a Zingtree session into a form in Salesforce. With just a little JavaScript magic, you can now add Zingtree data invisibly into your custom “Create Lead...

  • Send Email using Salesforce Email Templates

    This article outlines the process to allow a decision tree integrated with a Salesforce record to use your Salesforce Email Templates. These emails are sent via Salesforce rather than a Zingtree em...

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