Zingtree Basics Series (start here!)

The Zingtree Basics Series includes 6 tutorial videos. Everything you need to know to get started is right here!

  • 1. Before you build

    Before you build: Implementation strategies Organizations: What are they and why should I use them? Set up your Organization, Authors, and Agents

  • 2. Initial Tree Creation and Tree Tools

    How to Add an Author / Collaborator Push Live Note: this is now called Publishing How to Export your Decision Trees to JSON or CSV Translations / Multiple Language Support Undo/Recovery using the...

  • 3. Content Nodes and Tree Nodes

    Content Area Templates Form Fields: Decision Trees with Data Entry Inserting Variables into Nodes Button Click Variables Tree Nodes: Link Trees Together Tree Nodes: Automatic Return to Previous T...

  • 4. Logic nodes

    Simple Logic Nodes Advanced Logic Nodes with Expressions Address Multiple Issues using Logic How to Add A/B testing to a Tree Logic Node Debugging Predefined Variables

  • 5. Document, Email, and Link nodes

    Document Generation with Document Nodes (PDF or HTML) Document Nodes with Advanced Logic Expressions Email Node: How to Automatically Send Email Email Forms - Using Email Nodes Link Nodes - Go to...

  • 6. Customizing Trees

    Customizing Zingtrees with Themes and Custom CSS Custom Buttons: Colors and Icons Agent Feedback: How to get comments on your Tree How to Add Context with History and Breadcrumbs Session Notes Op...