LFG with JJ, E7: Cynthia Long at Intuit

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Cynthia Long, the Customer Success Change Leader for Continuous Improvement and Innovation Testing at Intuit, graces this episode of LFG with JJ with her rich tapestry of experiences. Cynthia's unique upbringing, moving between countries like Beirut, Brazil, Iran, and Italy due to her father's role in the oil industry, provided her with an unparalleled understanding of history and the shared desires of people across the globe. Juan dives deep into the significance of Cynthia's diverse cultural exposures, highlighting the rarity of such immersive experiences. The conversation unravels how these early adventures shaped Cynthia's perspective on customer experience and her professional approach at Intuit. Join this episode to explore the intersection of personal growth, cultural insights, and the ever-evolving CX landscape through the unique lens of Cynthia Long.



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