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The Zingtree Community consists of posts and comments organized by topic. Posts might include tips, discussions, product announcements, or questions. Comments might include observations, clarifications, praise, or any other response that's part of a typical community discussion. Note: Don't confuse topics with articles. In the community, topics are top-level containers for posts.

In addition to facilitating discussions, our community offers a robust search feature and user-friendly browsing options using views and filters, making it effortless to find the content that matters most to you. Discover helpful resources by navigating through the community effortlessly. See Getting around the community.

Still unable to find what you're seeking? Don't worry! You have the power to contribute by creating an article or asking a question. Simply click 'New Post' at the bottom of the Zingtree Community homepage and become an active participant in our thriving community.

You have to be logged in to post an article or ask a question. If you are not already logged in, selecting 'New post' will redirect you to the login page.


From here, you can login via Google or your Zendesk credentials. You can also sign up to be an official member of the community by selecting "Sign up". 



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