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The following release notes depict a summary of updates made to the Zingtree application. Reference to Z1 means Zingtree Classic Authoring. Reference to Z2 or NEX means Zingtree New Authoring. Line items in [brackets] refer to New Authoring work.


June 15, 2022

  • Z2 (New Authoring):
    • User should be able to access 'Event Log’
    • Users need to be able filter nodes by node type
    • Ability to drag-drop and copy images to content Node
    • Misc. bug fixes

June 2, 2022

  • Z2 (New Authoring):
    • Ability to Redirect links from one node to another
    • Z2 UI bugs
  • Customer Requests/Bugs:
    • Webhook inconsistencies: Add business days to a date

May 18, 2022

  • Increase the character limit for predefined variables
  • Remove instrumentation related to xxx implementation
  • [Z2 Auto Save] Ability to Enable and Disable AutoSave

May 4, 2022

  • Implement new 301 redirects for the help center
  • [Export All- JSON] A user needs to be able to take a backup by exporting all the trees
  • [Push-Live: Status] Users need to identify the status of the trees easily
  • [Push-Live: Publishing links] Users need to access Publishing links for DEV and Live trees
  • [Push-live: Trees] Users need to be able to maintain live and dev versions of a tree
  • [Push-Live: Snapshot Updates] Users need to track Push-live changes
  • [Push-Live: Agent Alerts] Agents need to get alerts when changes are pushed live
  • [Push-Live: Reports] Users need to be able to get Tree reports for both DEV version and Live version of the tree
  • Authors: need to view variables & create predefined variables
  • [Flow-chart view] Inconsistent behavior while using keyboard controls
  • Deleting a node in Z2 isn't clearing previously associated buttons
  • Endpoint response displays empty key 'data’
  • Z2 - Preview option - From the Overview type view, the “Preview” option does not work

April 20, 2022

  • [Export- JSON] A user needs to be able to export a tree to JSON file
  • [Export- CSV] A user needs to be able to export a tree to .csv file
  • [Import & Replace - CSV] A user needs to be able to import and replace tree via CSV file
  • [Import- CSV] A user needs to be able to import a tree via .csv file
  • Node List View: only show details on the selected node
  • Duplicate (multiple) Escalation emails are being sent

April 7, 2022

  • CSS Changes
  • Users: need to duplicate or copy trees
  • Attempting to login to Zingtree with an invalid email or password should provide specific error information
  • User needs to copy a node to a tree [BE]
  • Copy Node] User needs to be able to copy a node to a tree -FE
  • Update references from to
  • Implement rate limiting in CloudFlare
  • [Import-JSON] A user needs to be able to import a tree via JSON file
  • [Import & Replace - JSON] A user needs to be able to import and replace tree via JSON file
  • New Tree Themes 2022
  • Redirect zendesk and integrations to Webflow
  • [visual-designer] hover button to create a new node from a content node
  • [PF-00001255 ] Author invite flow does not work as intended
  • [PF-00001206] Z2: Document node expressions with && are showing as && in Z2 for trees created in Z1
  • [PF-00001177] Trees launched from pop-up overlay button fail to scroll to top
  • [PF-00001227] SSO gets disabled when IDP information (config) is changed
  • [PF-00001222]Zingtree doesn't accept emails with apostrophes
  • [PF-00001220] '&' characters in URL's in external page content template are changed by the editor
  • [Cron] 'Tree Views Usage' on SFDC does not show accurate usage

March 21, 2022

  • Signup - support invited authors in new sign up flow
  • Create a method to enforce "secure api" on all classic api end
  • CSS Changes
  • Enterprise Trial Expiry: Users need tobe  notified about the ENT trial
  • Create /register/resend API endpoint
  • Add events to capture signup flow data
  • [Signup via Google - Add author] Signup flow for invited authors
  • [Signup via Google- ORG set up] A new user needs to create a new Org
  • [Signup via Google] Integration with Google
  • [Signup via Google] A new user needs be able to sign up via Google
  • [Signup via Email- ORG set up] A new user needs to joins an exisiting org or create a new one
  • [Signup via email - Add author] Signup flow for invited authors
  • Cron Jobs Validation
  • [Signup via Email- Account Verification] A new user account needs to be verified
  • [Signup via Email- Create Account] A new user needs to be able to create an account
  • [Signup via Email] A new user needs be able to sign up via email
  • Webhook: Date plus business days with Europe Holidays included
  • Visual Designer: Flowchart 'Scroll into view' experience
  • Users need the ability to freeze a session
  • Data Metrics: Internal users need to be able to track the following conversion metrics
  • Inconsistent behavior: 'Settings' Modal shows blank page for some cases
  • Classic API documentation currently doesn’t alter its example domain name based on the environment
  • Z2 - Login - Throwing an error
  • Agent - Unable to view trees
  • signup flow - Through Google add author - Not working as per the user story
  • Signup flow - Add Author - Is not working as per user story 1099
  • Signup flow - Email From Address and Subject is Not matching with the user story description
  • Signup flow -Continue with email-> Verify the code - >Click on the
  • org->Throwing error
  • signup flow - Add author(Zingtree domain) - Not taking user directly to join org page
  • Signup flow - Invite author - Sign in flow forcing author to create org again
  • Sign up flow - continue with google - Not received Verification email
  • Signup flow - Not completed verification -After 24hrs second email is not received
  • User is not able to add/install Zapier app on Zingtree
  • Signup Flow - Email body is not matching with ZT-1096 ticket description
  • Signup flow - Login with email - Create account page - Saving last sessions values
  • Sign up flow - signup with Google

March 1, 2022

  • Change terminology: 'Seats' to 'Users' within the App
  • Security Finding 5360 - Reflected XSS on /login.php
  • Change Modal UI: Add records button placement
  • Hide 'Last Opened' Column on 'My Trees' Page
  • Duplicate (multiple)Escalation email's are being sent 

February 9, 2022

  • Disallow non-image uploads for Organization Logos
  • Stop creating SFDC Opportunities from Stripe webhook
  • Respond to HTTP OPTIONS call properly in classic
  • Add 'Hidden' type form field on Z2
  • Provide Z2 user acess to SSO setup
  • Disable hard-limits for adding authors on new plans
  • Seat Licenses - Business plan - Showing more than we purchased
  • Pentest remediation: Unrestricted file upload
  • Z2 Authoring: Hidden fields have empty field type and random label

January 31, 2022

  • Allow . in variable names from data entry fields (for SF integration)

January 27, 2022

  • Reflected Cross Site Scripting (XSS) - Z1 Code Base
  • Users should not be able to delete reports without appropriate permissions
  • Pentest remediation: Vul. JavaScript dependency
  • Pentest remediation: HTTP Error: 500 Int. Server Error
  • Enablement: Support team needs user information to support users effectively on NEX
  • Enablement: Support team needs user information to support users effectively on CEX

January 20, 2022

  • Pentest remediation: TLS cookie set without secure flag
  • Open Resources->API in a new tab
  • Add Segment Events to NEX
  • Add Segment Events to Classic
  • Add Segment SDK to NEX Frontend
  • Send text only email verification email
  • SEO: Block More Product URLs from appearing in search
  • User needs to be able to access Integration resources
  • Tracker ticket - Hotfix for changes in onboaring flow
  • [Z1] softlimit is showing on enterprise plans
  • Inviting an author to an org that isn't in our system, we double confirm their email
  • Z2 - Cancel Subscription - Wrong error message

December 22, 2021

  • [Tracker ticket]Signup flow:  Change the signup detail page to include relevant information
  • Soft Limit Notifications:  Users need to be able to see warning messages/notifications on the app
  • Update soft limit notifications link
  • P28 Integration Management UI
  • Soft Limit Notifications is not working as per the requirements
  • Soft Limit Notifications should consider active trees

December 1, 2021

  • Visual Designer: UI inconsistency on google chrome
  • Pricing Plans: Users should be able to see and track new pricing plan information
  • Update System Status Page

November 10, 2021

  • Account - Organization and Billing Throwing an error
  • VD - Document node - next button - user needs to refresh the page to see the changes
  • Node color is not working as per ZT 803
  • VD - Vertical Scroll bars
  • SFDC leads are only getting org ids on creation, not update
  • [visual-designer] node not updating when button deleted
  • Visual Designer - When I edit the title name, not updating properly
  • Left Pane Width Preferences: Preferences for Flow-chart view and List view need to be saved separately
  • [visual-designer] Left align view toggle and add node buttons
  • [visual-designer] place orphan nodes in the top area of the designer
  • Add zoom controls to visual designer
  • Phase 1: Data metrics to measure usage of Designer (Flow chart-view)
  • Set up an European Data center
  • User needs to be able to visualize the tree in a flow-chart view [To be updated]
  • User, in the flow-chart view, needs to be able to select a node to edit
  • User needs to be able to identify Special nodes on the Flow-Chart view
  • User needs to be able to differentiate nodes in the Flow-Chart View
  • User needs to be able to switch between Flow-chart view and Node-List view

October 27, 2021

  • Prevent duplicate leads in Salesforce
  • Internal team: needs to be able to use 'Users' info for internal operations

October 13, 2021

  • Bug related to ZT 808 bug
  • Cannot select pre-existing user without a name in collaborators select list
  • Re-arrange UI: Items on Navigation Bar
  • My trees - > Filter by author dropdown - Long author names overlap on filter arrow
  • My trees - Word Wrap->Org filter dropdown
  • Salesforce Transcript not updating with object updates
  • Add message export to events in New Authoring/API
  • Radio Buttons: Incorrect Label
  • [Z2]Variable name does not reflect without a reload/refresh page
  • Planning/Design Visual Designer
  • Task Manager "Completed tasks" causes long delay in loading page
  • Concurrent Agent Reporting fails
  • Add bearer token header to Webhook return calls
  • Z2: Ability to edit any node from preview NODE

September 29, 2021

  • The filter components UI must be consistent
  • Email missing images
  • 779 task: Information - Support UI is not matching with the task
  • Collaborator - Delete Collaborator - Still able to login
  • Delete collaborator - Throwing error
  • Add collaborators - Collaborator name is not displayed when the invitation is in pending
  • Add Collaborators - Adding a collaborator does not work
  • New Auth - Tools - Add Collaborator - Received error
  • Tools - Add collaborator - Failed sending an email
  • My Trees - Search by author is not working
  • Collaborators should be added to the org when getting added to a tree
  • User: needs an easy way to find support information
  • Use git hash for cache busting of app.js
  • Authors: need an easy way to select users in Add Collaborators feature
  • Authors: need to assign collaborators to my trees
  • Z2: Filter trees in My Trees by Author

September 21, 2021

  • Introduce support widget to replace Intercom

September 8, 2021

  • Reports :Agent sessions report- Throwing error
  • Z2 - Version History - Copy link is not working
  • Set hosting url and hosting short url dynamically

September 2, 2021

  • Authors: need to see cohesive navigation between experiences
  • Employees: see what features are being used in the new product
  • Author: on signup, I need to be assigned to the new experience ability group
  • Customer Care: need to be able to switch the default org and/or experience of a user
  • User: Needs to have access to various types of publishing links
  • Authors: need to be redirected to the new experience any time I visit "My Trees" or any editor page in Z1
  • Authors: need to be able to delete my tree
  • Authors: need to search text within my trees
  • Link to Knowledgebase
  • User needs to have an easy way access to the support channel
  • Description can overflow the top of the editor, hiding controls
  • Reports :Agent sessions report- Throwing error
  • Reports - Blue screen
  • Inconsistent behavior: Reports - HTTP ERROR 500
  • Clicking on My Trees brings me to the wrong org
  • On-click action on Resource pages and Features
  • Publishing link not settable by ENV
  • Setting Modal: Inconsistent Experience
  • Z2 - Search with Tags and questions is not working
  • 'Unknown User' Error
  • Landing Page On Z2 after registration should be My Trees
  • Z2 -New signup - Using existing org - not directly taking to New auth experience
  • Z2: Knowledge base - Not working
  • Z2: able to view deleted tree
  • Z2: Publish Links -> Display As a pop-up overlay - "Preview this tree as a popup overlay" not working
  • Z2 - My Trees page - Beta Feedback/Support is missing
  • Z2: New Authoring experience - Throwing Error
  • Admin - Update Organization is showing the wrong New Authoring Exp status
  • Super users should not see deleted trees in Z2
  • Navigating to /editor should set the orgId in the store when performing the redirect
  • Z2: Intercom bubble on top of Update Settings button
  • Admin header malformed when in Z2 mode

August 18, 2021

  • Z2: Limit connections shown on node card in node list
  • Z2: Super Users should have admin/edit access to all trees in an org
  • [Z1] Webhooks - Date Format Support
  • [Z2] content editor pane disappears on scroll
  • Publish Zendesk Sell /v19 folder
  • Dockerize and package the code to fit our DevOps flow
  • Auth: Create dev environment for running tests
  • Task Manager: Other Tasks in Progress should show task ID
  • [Z2] update vuex actions to use dispatch hook
  • Z2  - For super users system is giving direct access to all the trees
  • Z2 - My Trees - Nodes column - Showing "Zero" for all the trees
  • Z2 - My trees -Throwing error
  • Checkbox variables also passed in as zero value merge variables don't set when checked.

August 4, 2021

  • Create Database seeder for new environments
  • Log usage of APIs across both Z1 and Z2
  • GatherApplication Initialization Data
  • Z2: UI Nitpick: Fix uneven components in Form Fields section
  • Z1 (ZA-940) - Author limiting not working for domain match orgs
  • Z2: Fix weird behavior around defaulting projects in Z2
  • Z2: Preview sessions are logged as agent sessions
  • Z2: Previous tree still visible on loading large trees
  • Z2-Content node - Editor is not working
  • "Show" URL broken in DEV, QA
  • SQL Error in /api/rest/zingtree.php on line 940
  • Z2 Not saving snapshots

July 21, 2021

  • Z1: Rendering Engine: Handle non-image tags when lazy-loading
  • Z2: Update Froala editor to support needed attributes
  • Z2: Access all available apps in New Experience

July 8, 2021

  • Z2: Snapshots not saving node # or correct time
  • Z1-(ZA 1053)Address URLs exposed to Google indexing
  • Customer Data Deletion - Page not found
  • Z1: API rate limiting too strict
  • Customer Data Deletion - Event log is blank
  • Task Manager - tasks get unassigned when going through email node
  • [Z2] Data loss when special characters are used

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