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The Zingtree Help Center is full of helpful documentation. Familiarizing yourself with these commonly used Zingtree terms will help as you get acclimated.

What is a node?

Every decision tree is made up of a series of nodes that when connected together make up a complete workflow. Every node in a decision tree is a step of the workflow. When a node is reached it performs an action:

  • Content Node: A content node is the most common of all node types. When a content node is reached, it displays content as one step of the workflow.
  • Tree Node: When a tree node is reached it opens another tree in the same session.
  • Link Node: A link node will open an external URL in another browser tab.
  • Email Node: When an email node is reached, it sends an email message.
  • Logic Node: When a logic node is reached it automatically directs the tree to a node based upon rules and values of variables.
  • Document Node: A document node displays custom content based upon rules and values of variables.

What are variables?

Zingtree makes extensive use of variables to store data collected or passed into the tree. For example, data entry fields are made up of a variable name and a value. A text field might have a variable name of first_name. What the user types into that field then becomes the value of the first_name variable. A list box might have a variable name of reason_for_call with values of tech support, returns, and shipping status.

You can also set variables on button clicks so that you can use that data to branch a tree later using logic.

We can recall values of variables as text within the content of a tree. And we can use logic nodes to automatically branch a tree based upon values of variables and their combinations.

What are webhooks?

Webhooks allow systems of data to communicate with each other. They allow you to send data from a decision tree or receive data into a decision tree. Here are some resources for our most popular Zingtree Webhooks.


What are snapshots?

The Snapshots tool allows you to recover a previous version of your tree.

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