API: How to Get a Link to a Session Transcript

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  • You can get a link to the question and answer history transcript from each troubleshooter session. All you need to do is link to a page on zingtree.com, and include a variable named #‌‌‌session# in a question, answer or link node. This will get replaced with the current session ID.

    Use the API script https://zingtree.com/deploy/session-detail.php?session_id=#‌‌‌‌session# to see a transcript of a session.


    To see YOUR session with the Zingtree FAQ, try this URL:


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  • Throughout 2022 Zingtree will be upgrading customers to our new faster and more modern user experience! Here's how to tell which experience your Zingtree Authors are currently using.

    Log in to your Zingtree Author account and navigate to My Trees. How does your current My Trees page look?

    Zingtree Classic


    New User Experience


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