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  • Zingtree has built a handy webhook where you can calculate a date in the future given a starting date and number of days. You just need to add a new Webhook and install it into the node where you want the calculation to take place. Here's how to set it up:

    Step 1: Add the Webhook to your Organization

    1. Go to Account, My Apps.
    2. Click on Add Webhook.
    3. Give the Webhook a name (like "Future dates"), and enter this for the webhook URL:

     The end result looks like this: 


    Step 2: Call the webhook from your tree

    Open your tree, and edit the node where you want the age calculated.

    1. Under the Apps / Webhooks tab, click Add App / Webhook.
    2. Pick the Webhook you added previously (Future Dates , for example).
    3. In the Message Data area, enter something like this:
      days={number of future days to count ahead}&date={Starting date}
    4. Save the changes to the node.

    Your edits should look something like this:


    Now just use #‌date_plus# anywhere you want to show the future date.

  • Throughout 2022 Zingtree will be upgrading customers to our new faster and more modern user experience! Here's how to tell which experience your Zingtree Authors are currently using.

    Log in to your Zingtree Author account and navigate to My Trees. How does your current My Trees page look?

    Zingtree Classic


    New User Experience


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