Instant Notes - Copy and Paste a Transcript or any other Session Information

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Many of our contact center customers require their agents to enter notes into their CRM or Help Desk system after each call. Others would like to do this, but don’t want to increase AHT (average handle time) for their agents. Fortunately, agents using Zingtree can use Instant Notes to make this a snap.

In essence, an agent can follow the path of a decision tree with the customer, and at the end, a notes summary screen (with an optional transcript) is available to the agent. A single button click can copy this into Zendesk, Freshdesk, Salesforce, or any other application.


This example from the Zingtree Agent Scripting app for Zendesk shows how it works:


At the end of every session, just direct your agents to a final node in the decision tree. A single button click on Copy Notes copies notes into your application or the clipboard.


Making your own Instant Notes mechanism is easy. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Add a new node to your decision tree.
  2. In the content area of the node, include these tags: [[COPY-AREA]] and [[/COPY-AREA]]. Anything between these tags will be transferred as notes. You can grab these tags from the content editor like this:


  3. Add a Copy button below the copy area with one of these options:


    If you’re using our Zendesk app or Freshdesk app, use the “Copy to Ticket Notes” option. Otherwise, use “Copy to Clipboard”.

  4. Optional: Add ##TRANSCRIPT## into the content area to include the full session transcript in the notes.
  5. When you’re done, your node will look like this:


  6. Make sure this node is available as the last click on your tree.


To take advantage of one-click copying, you’ll need one of our apps.


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