How to Create Custom Forms

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For most forms, we recommend using Data Entry Fields, as this is the easiest way to create a form and track all of your variables. However, if you need a more customized data input form, you can hand-code HTML form fields into the content area of your page.


Using the Code View tool ( </>) when editing a node, insert this HTML to add a data entry field for a variable first_name  in the content area of a node:

<input name="first_name" type="text" class="zt-data">

The important part is to include class=zt-data in the HTML coding.

Here's how it looks in the node editor using  the code view tool:2022-04-28_10-19-36.png

Please Note:

  • Data Entry Variables included in this way won't appear in the Variables tool.
  • These variables also won't be available in Logic Nodes or Document Nodes until you run a test session first and enter values for the variables.


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