Logic Node Debugging

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You’ve built out your tree and added Logic nodes, but why aren’t you getting the results you’re expecting? The Debug Tool allows you to run test simulations against each logic node in your tree and gain deeper visibility into any potential issues.



To use the debugging tool, begin by opening the tree you want to debug and preview the tree until you get to the step where your logic is failing. You'll need to have session data in order to use the debugging tool, so using the tree before you start debugging will give you an easy starting point. 

Next, go to Usage Reports > Session Troubleshooting

Select a your tree then choose Session List

Click the Session ID for one of the reports in the list to open up the session details. Most likely the session you just ran will be the very top session.

Once on the details page, you'll see the Debug icon next to the logic nodes used in the session. Click it to open up the debugger. 
The debugger will show you all the variables collected at that step of the workflow. Both the Variable names and the values can be edited, which allows you to test various scenarios. Click Perform Logic Node Test to test all of the logic expressions with the collected variables and values. 

The debugger will quickly identify any errors in your logic expressions. 

Now all you need to do is return to your tree and make the necessary edits to the logic expression.

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