Logic Node Debugging

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  • You’ve built out your tree and added Logic nodes, but why aren’t you getting the results you’re expecting?

    Our new Debug Tool allows you to run test simulations against each logic node in your tree and gain deeper visibility into any potential issues.

    With the Debug Tool, you can test a range of variables and values, and review a step-by-step explanation of how Zingtree came up with the decision it did.

    You can then experiment with other values to make sure that your Logic Node(s) are working exactly how you want them to.

    The Debug Tool also allows you to execute an even deeper review by unpacking actual session data. To find out what happened with a real user, simply head over to the Recent Sessions tool. From there, you can select a session and click the Debug button on any stage where logic has been used.

    This allows you to analyze the user’s complete journey through your decision tree and understand exactly what Zingtree did.

    Try this simple tool today and ensure that your logic nodes are working as they should:

    1. Select the tree you would like to evaluate
    2. From the Tree Tools menu, click on ‘Overview/Edit’
    3. Select ‘Edit This Node’ on the node you would like to test
    4. Go to the orange button ‘Debug This Node’
    5. Enter the variables and values you would like to simulate and click ‘Perform Logic Node Test’. Take a look at the results and perform further tests, if needed
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  • Throughout 2022 Zingtree will be upgrading customers to our new faster and more modern user experience! Here's how to tell which experience your Zingtree Authors are currently using.

    Log in to your Zingtree Author account and navigate to My Trees. How does your current My Trees page look?

    Zingtree Classic


    New User Experience


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