Pruning Trees: Copying and Deleting Multiple Nodes

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  • The Prune tool has been reconceptualized in our new Authoring Experience. See this article
  • Zingtree has a prune tool, which lets you pick a branch of your tree, and copy it to a new tree and/or delete it from your current tree. You can also have a tree node automatically created to link to the new tree, which replaces the deleted portion.

    You can find the Prune function from the Overview tool:

    Or from Designer, by selecting the top node of the branch to prune, and clicking the red Prune button:


    You have three Pruning options for the selected branch:

    • Copy, Link and Delete: Copy to a new tree and delete the branch from the current tree. This also creates a tree node from the current tree to the new tree.
    • Copy the branch to a new tree.
    • Delete the branch from the current tree.
  • Throughout 2022 Zingtree will be upgrading customers to our new faster and more modern user experience! Here's how to tell which experience your Zingtree Authors are currently using.

    Log in to your Zingtree Author account and navigate to My Trees. How does your current My Trees page look?

    Zingtree Classic


    New User Experience


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