How to Combine Trees using the Merge Trees tool

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  • Adding one tree to another is easy using the Merge Trees tool. Here's how it works:

    1. Select the tree to add to.
    2. Go to the Merge Trees tool.
    3. Pick the tree to combine with the current tree.

    The second tree will be appended to the original tree. 

    Here are some things to note:

    • In Designer view, the second tree will appear to the right of the original tree.
    • The second tree's nodes will be renumbered, and start from the last unused node number from the first tree. 
    • You will need to link the second tree to the original manually.

  • Throughout 2022 Zingtree will be upgrading customers to our new faster and more modern user experience! Here's how to tell which experience your Zingtree Authors are currently using.

    Log in to your Zingtree Author account and navigate to My Trees. How does your current My Trees page look?

    Zingtree Classic


    New User Experience


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