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Zingtree makes it easy to automatically send email as a part of the flow of a session. Using Email Nodes, you can:

  • Set up an email message, with placeholders for variables collected during the session.
  • Include session data and variables collected as a part of the message.
  • Continue on to another node, or transfer control to an external URL after the message has been sent.

How to Create an Automatic Email

Start by creating an Email Node as follows:

  1. Click New Node, then select Email Node as the node type.
  2. The Send Method should be set to Send Automatically
  3. The Email Node editor appears.2022-04-27_08-59-06.png
  4. Add a Page Title (mostly for your reference when using the Zingtree editing tools)
  5. In Send Email to, enter the delivery email address. You can enter multiple recipient email addresses separated by commas. This field will also accept variables. For example, if you are collecting an email address previously in the session, and that variable was called "email", just enter #email# in the Send email to field.
  6. Enter a subject and a message. The message can include images, formatted text, or placeholders for variables.
  7. You can also add an optional preheader, which appears below the subject in most email readers. Here's how a preheader appears in Gmail:

  8. Check Include Session Data in Email to include the Q&A transcript, and any data collected in the email. You can also check "Securely deliver session data via Link", which will provide a link to the session information, instead of including it in the email body. 
  9. After Sending, choose a node to go to next.2022-04-27_09-02-33.png

Now, edit any one of your Content Nodes, and make a button that links to the new automatic Email Node you just created.

Including Variables

You can use variables collected from data entry forms or other means in any part of the email node. For example, if you gather a variable called email, just enter #email# in the to field for your email node.


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