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Zingtree lets you create libraries of content that can be used throughout many different trees. When the library content changes, the content of every tree that references that content also changes. This is a handy way to maintain a single source of content that can apply to many different trees.

Libraries draw from another tree, and a specific node within that tree. The content area of that tree and node can be inserted into any other tree.

Example: Insert this code into the content area of your tree to include content from tree #123456789 node #10:

##library: 123456789,10 ##

Notes on libraries:

  • Important Make sure to enter the library code as unformatted text.
  • You can only use a library from the same organization as the active tree displaying. This prevents someone else's content from appearing in your tree.
  • If your tree is in Published status, then the library content will be pulled from the LIVE version of the library tree. If the tree including the library content has Unpublished changes, those will not display until they are Published.
  • Changes to Library content are cached for 30 minutes.


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