How to Export your Decision Trees to JSON or CSV

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Zingtree offers two formats for exporting trees:

  • JSON (recommended): This will retain the entire structure of your tree, including tree settings, data entry fields, and apps. This can be used for offline backups.
  • CSV: This exports into a format that can be loaded into a spreadsheet like Excel or Google Sheets. Just the basic node content is written.


To export your tree via the Export tool

  1. Open the tree you want to export and go to the Tools menu and select Export Tree.
  2. Choose Export to JSON or Export to CSV.
  3. A file will be saved by your browser to your computer.

Using Snapshots to Recover Backups

Each time you make a change to your tree, the new version is saved permanently so that you can retrieve it at a later date. Zingtree saves every change to your tree. Any previous version can be recovered via the Snapshots tool.


Exporting All Trees

You can create a backup of all your trees by exporting them to a single JSON file. 

  1. From the My Trees page select the trees you wish to export by clicking their checkboxes in the left column. Or, select all of your trees by clicking the very top checkbox:mceclip1.png
  2. Click the Actions button and choose Export:

  3. You'll see this important confirmation message:

Please note that rendering trees outside of Zingtree is a violation of the service agreements and may result in not all of the features of the tree working properly. 


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