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Many of our call center customers are using Zingtree to collect data from their customers, and in a sales or shipping application, there’s always an address form or two to fill out. Our customer Tom K. asked us if there was a way to make this process faster, and also to verify addresses to eliminate costly shipping errors. The short answer? Yes! Zingtree has an automatic address auto-complete and verification capability available to you.


Here’s How It Works

As you start entering an address, Zingtree gives you selections on every possible match:1-1 (1).gif

The more text you enter, the fewer matches appear:


Once you select a match, the city, state and zip code are filled in automatically, and the address is verified against the USPS database. If the address is valid, a “USPS Verified” tag will appear in the form:


Try a demo here

How to Set Up Address Auto-Complete and Verification

Setting up a form with address verification requires two parts:

  1. Enable the Verify USA Addresses option in the Tree’s Settings.
  2. Set up your address entry forms, using the new address 1, address 2, city, state and zip field types.

Step by step, here’s how to do it:

  1. Select your tree, and go to the Settings tool.
  2. Click the Data tab. You’ll see something like this:


  3. Make sure Verify: USA Addresses is checked. This will enable the special address field types.
  4. Click Update All Settings.
  5. Now, go to Overview, and edit a question node where your address form resides.
  6. Locate the Data Collection Form Fields area, and click Add Form Field.


  7. Add the first line of address entry, using the field type Address 1:

  8. Add the second line of the address, using the Address 2 field type.
  9. Add a field for the city, using the City field type.
  10. Add a field for the state, using the State field type.
  11. Add a field for the zip code, using the Zip field type.
  12. When you’re done, the data entry fields summary will look something like this:


    Important: Make sure the field types are all set properly.


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