How to make Image Buttons

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You can insert images in the content area of your nodes, and be able to click on them to have them behave like buttons. This requires a little HTML coding. Here's how to do it:

First of all, when editing the content area of a node, you'll need to use the code view tool.


For Example, a JavaScript call would look something like this:

<a href="#3" onclick="do_button_click(3, 2, 'Kids',0, '0');"><img src=""</a>


By adding an on_click() handler to the <a href> tag that surrounds the image, it will act like a button.

Here's how do_button_click() works:

do_button_click(to_node_id, from_node_id, button_text, value, button_data) ;

to_node_id = the node you want to visit next

from_node_id = the node you are currently on

button_text = how the click is labeled in your reports.

value = click score value.  Usually, this can just be set to zero.

button_data = A text value for the variable, instead of the value parameter. Set value=0 if you want to set a text value for the node variable. Otherwise, just leave this as an empty string.

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