Legacy Reports and Analytics

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This article pertains to legacy reports which will soon be deprecated. Zingtree's new reporting is now available. Click here to access documentation for new reporting.


Zingtree offers several reports and analytics to help you see how your trees are being used. All reports can specify a date range. 

Select your tree, and click Usage Reports to explore.

Here's a list of the reporting options:

Session List

  • This Zingtree report allows you to quickly and easily see every session for any given decision tree in your organization. Broken down in an easy-to-absorb list, you can navigate to each specific end-user session to learn more about how people use your tree, as well as get an overview of the amount of time users spent.

    To access the Session List report, go to Usage Reports > Tree Reports.

    Select Session List from the dropdown menu. You can specify an exact date range to pull the results from before clicking “View Report.”

    he Session List will give you a complete overview of every session within your filtered view, showing duration, clicks, results, and score when applicable.


    The icons in your Results column will show you the exact end result of each session: Customer was given a solution, Inconclusive, or Customer was unable to solve the problem.


    Clicking on a specific Session # in the far left column will allow you to see complete click-by-click details for every node visited, as well as all data collected from that session.


Traffic (Map)

See a visual display of traffic from each node. Heavier lines show more traffic.

  • Click "Buttons" to show/hide button labels.
  • Zoom in and out.
  • Pan using scroll bars


Traffic (Button Clicks)

Click through your tree, and see how many times each button was clicked for each node

  • Click buttons to go to that node.
  • Includes clicks on the Back and Restart buttons.
  • Click "Hide content area" for a condensed reporting view.

Session Matrix

See each session in a date range, with buttons clicked, scoring, and data entered.

  • Export to a CSV for further analysis.
  • Options to show Subtree sessions only, date, or agent/source.


Session Paths

See a list of the most common paths through your tree.

  • Export to CSV for further analysis.



Measure the success or failure of your tree, based on the last node visited.

  • Changing the Final Node Session Result (under the Other tab when editing a node)  of any node automatically updates the report.

Clicks and Usage

Measure the engagement for your tree. See how often it is viewed, and how often people interact with it.

Popular Nodes

See how often each node in your tree is visited.


Node Times

See the total and average time spend on each node.

  • Click a node to see details on each visit to that node.
  • Filter details by source or agent to find further trouble spots.


Form Data

Show form data entered for each session.

  • Export to CSV



Search Terms

if you have a search option in your tree, you can see what keywords and phrases people are searching for.


Demographics (Browser, Country and OS)

See which browsers your visitors are using, what OS, and what countries they come from.



All Trees - Stats

See a usage summary for every tree you can access.


Session List - All Trees

See all sessions for every tree in your organization.



All Trees - Session and Form Data

Get all data collected for every tree you can access - each session, and the form data collected in each session.

All Agent Usage

For call centers or internal use, see how many days and sessions each agent has used for a date range.



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