How to Move Trees between Organizations

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Here's how to transfer a tree from one organization account to another:

If you have access to trees in both the SOURCE and DESTINATION organizations:

  1. Open the tree you want to move.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Select the Organization to move the tree TO, under the Basic tab.

Please note: Once you move the tree, you'll want to use the Collaborators tool to give access to the tree to any other authors/editors in the new organization.

If you only have access to trees in the SOURCE organization:

  1. Open the tree you want to move.
  2. Go to the Assign Collaborators tool, and invite someone with an account in the TARGET organization to be an Administrator on your tree.
  3. Have them use the Settings tool (see above) to move the tree.

Still need help? Too much work?

Zingtree support technicians can move all your trees for you. Just contact us!

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