Copying, Duplicating, Deleting and Moving Nodes/Branches

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Sometimes you'll want to take content from one tree and move or copy that content to another tree. That's why Zingtree gives you the option to Duplicate nodes in your current tree, Copy nodes from one tree to another, or Delete an entire branch of nodes. These features were formerly called the Prune tool. 

Duplicating Nodes

  1. Select the node you want to Duplicate. 
  2. From the Actions drop-down on the right, select Duplicate Node.


Copying Nodes/Branches to Another Tree

  1. Select the node you want to Copy.
  2. From the Actions drop-down on the right select Copy to Tree...2022-05-06_12-19-44.png
  3. Make sure Node is selected then, using the drop-down, select the tree you want to copy the node to. Click Copy. 



Note: You can also copy the entire branch of the tree by selecting Branch instead of Node

Moving Branches to A New Tree

1. Select the branch you want to use to create a new tree. 
2. From the Actions drop-down menu choose Move to tree...

3. Name your new tree and then click Move. When you've moved the branch it will be deleted from the existing tree. Move_Tree.png
Note: If you'd like to keep a node linking to the new tree in your current tree select the Create a node linking to the new tree check box. 


Deleting Branches

1. Select the beginning node of the branch you want to delete. 
2. From the Actions menu, choose Delete.2022-07-27_11-17-48.png
3. Select Branch and then click Delete. 2022-07-27_10-59-01.png

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