How to Add Context with History and Breadcrumbs

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When publishing your Zingtrees, you can show people using your tree the path they took to get to the current node. This takes two forms:

  • History: Shows an expandable Q&A transcript of the path through your tree. It looks like this:You can view any data collected at each step as well by clicking the Data Entry view button:

  • Breadcrumbs: Shows a trail of all the nodes visited to get to the current place in the tree. You'll see something like this at the top of every node:

You can add History or Breadcrumbs via the Settings tool. Just go to the Display tab, and tick Show History or Show Breadcrumbs.

Advanced Stuff: Modifying URLs Directly

You can also modify the URL for your published trees to add history or breadcrumbs.

For hosted trees:

Add &show_history=1 or &show_breadcrumbs=1 to the URL for the tree.

For embedded trees:

Add &embed_history=1 or &embed_breadcrumbs=1 to the iFrame URL.

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