Data Entry Field Variables: Adding Input Forms to your Trees

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You can design Zingtrees to ask users to input text, select from list boxes, or click checkboxes or radio buttons. This data is collected as a part of the session and is easily imported into other applications.

Data entry fields can also be included in your tree as variables.

Here's an example of a text entry field:

Here's how to add a Data Entry field to a node:
  1. Edit a content node.
  2. Click the Data Collection Form Fields dropdown, then Add Data Form Field.2022-04-06_09-17-15.png
  3. A new Data Entry field dialog appears.  Select the type of data you want to collect, and enter a variable name and a label that the end-user will see.
    For radio buttons and list boxes, you can enter the option choices as well. If you are using scoring nodes, you can enter a score variable, and a score to assign to each choice.2022-04-06_09-24-34.png
  4. Select Required Field to make this field require an entry before proceeding.
  5. Click the Add button when finished.

Labels vs. Placeholders

You can choose how the hints for the data entry fields display, as either Labels or Placeholders.

Here's how labels appear:


Here's how placeholders look:

More Information:

  • When an end-user enters something into a data collection form field, you can display it in subsequent nodes. Just include the variable name surrounded by #characters.  In the examples above, you would insert #first_name# to show the entered first name, and #last_name# to insert the entered last name.

    You can also insert variables from the content editor when editing a node, like this:
  • Data Entry fields are displayed at the end of the content area by default. If you want your Data Entry fields to be inserted in a different place in your content area, use the Put the Data Entry Area at the Cursor template in the content editor instead:2022-04-06_09-26-28.png
    This will insert the text ##data-collection-entry-fields## into the content area, which will be replaced by your data collection form fields.


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