Scoring Decision Trees with a Running Total

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Zingtree is able to create what we call evaluations. These can be tests, quizzes, assessments, training simulations, or anything that requires assigning a score to each question answered, and later acting upon the total score. Zingtree can keep a running tally of scores.


Here's how to build a tree with click scoring or variables:

  • Add a score value to each button click when designing your tree.
  • As the end-user goes through your tree, Zingtree keeps a running total of the score values of all buttons clicked.
  • When you're ready to act upon the running total score, use a Logic Node. From there, you can specify rules to redirect to nodes based on score values.
  • You can use multiple variable names for your score throughout your tree.
  • If you just want to assign a value, and not keep a running total, prefix the value with an = sign. So =3 would set the variable to 3, no matter what it was set to previously.

Want to build your own? Start here:

  1. Go to Overview, and edit a node.
  2. Select the Question and Action Buttons dropdown.
  3. Select Variable(s) to set on button click, and enter a Button Click Variable name that will be used to tally scores and branch on later.
  4. Now, add score values to button clicks. Your screen will look something like this: (The score area is outlined in yellow.)2022-04-05_10-24-40.png
  5. Next, add a new Logic Node, using +New Note, New Logic Node. 

  6. In the Logic Node, enter rules for where to go to depending upon different score values. Here's how it looks:2022-04-05_10-49-37.png

  7. Link the last button click of your test/quiz/assessment to this new Logic Node.


Note that the Logic Node never appears on-screen. When you direct the flow of your Zingtree to this node, it looks at the sum total of all the button click scores, and redirects to the proper node.


Tip #1: Want to display the score on a node? Just add the text #score#  into the content area to show the score variable. If you used a different variable name (like total ), enter it instead (i.e. #total# ).

Tip #2: You can also add scoring to Data Entry Fields. For example, a list box, checkbox, or radio button can use a scoring variable as well. Learn more about Data Entry Fields below.


  • You should make sure you are using the latest embed code or hosting URL for your tree.  
  • If your end-user presses the Back button, the running total score will adjust.
  • If the tree is restarted, the running total score resets to zero.


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