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If your Contact Center is using Five9, you can integrate the Five9 workspace with a Zingtree decision tree or Agent script. 

When an Agent receives a call they are able to instantly view an Agent script built with Zingtree within the Five9 interface.

Setup Instructions

1. Log in to Five9 and open your Five9 Administrator settings (Desktop app): 

2. Navigate to Campaigns, then create a New Campaign Object:

3. In the Zingtree authoring tools, navigate to the tools menu for the tree that you'd like to embed into Five9. Then choose Publishing Links. Copy the iframe embed code to the clipboard.

4. In Five9, click the Script tab and then Paste your Zingtree iFrame Code within the box (as shown below):


You can pass Five9 variables to Zingtree by using:


You’ll notice we passed @Agent.user_name@ to the “source=“ variable and 601573303+@CALL.call_id@ to the “session_id” variable in the example above

Note: In this example “601573303” is the tree ID. Be sure to use the tree ID of your own tree as copied from the tree's Publishing Links.

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