How to use Zingtree Visual Designer/Flowchart View

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The Flowchart view provides a way for users to visualize the trees as they build them. To switch to the Flowchart view, select the view on the toggle (As shown below).mceclip0.png

To edit a node, click on a node in the Flowchart and the corresponding node opens in the edit pane (right pane).


Note: Any changes that you make synchronize across the Flowchart view and list view (default view) instantly.


Visual Designer Options:

Zoom: Zoom in or out on the Designer canvas by using these buttons:


Drag the Entire Canvas: Drag the viewport around by clicking and holding on an empty space in the Designer and dragging.

Display Preferences:

  • Click the gear icon. From here you can turn on the ability to see your buttons as label connections on the path.
  • Highlight node path gives you a highlighted visual of what nodes are coming into and out of the selected node.
  • Choose a Layout Mode of Auto if you'd like the display automatically arranged for you. Choose manual mode if you'd like the ability to drag each node individually around the canvas.




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