Link Nodes - Go to an External URL from a Button Click

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You can make buttons open any web page - not just nodes in your own tree. The trick is to have the button open a Link Node.

Create a Link Node as follows:

  1. Click + New Node or add an action button to a current node that connects to a new node.
  2. Select Link Node as the node type.
  3. Enter the URL to link to. Direct Link is set by default, as this will avoid pop-up blockers.
  4. You can also choose to Open Link in a New Tab.
  5. Make sure that you've connected an action button to the new Link Node.

Editing a link node looks like this:


When your users click a button that is connected to a link node, they get redirected to the URL you specified. Plus, this action is tracked as a part of their Zingtree session.

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