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Important  Effective March 15, 2024 your email domain must be verified to ensure delivery! Please follow this process to set up your domain verification.

This guide provides detailed instructions for the critical updates required by our email service provider, Mandrill, effective March 15, 2024. These changes are essential to maintain uninterrupted email delivery through our application using email nodes


Who Needs to Act

Domain verification is critical for everyone who sends emails through Zingtree using an automatic email node where the reply-to email address is your own company email domain. Like this, for example:

Failure to update your DNS records as outlined below will result in the inability to send emails. Please have your domain administrator set up the following records.


Update Requirements Overview

To comply with Mandrill's new requirements, your domain must be:

  • Verified
  • Configured with valid DKIM records
  • Set up with a valid DMARC policy


Detailed Update Steps

DKIM Configuration:

Create two CNAME records to authenticate your domain:


First Record:




Second Record:




Example for ‘’ domain: ➜ ➜


DMARC Setup:

If you don't have a DMARC policy:


Create a TXT record:



v=DMARC1; p=none


Example for ‘’ domain: ➜ v=DMARC1; p=none


If you already have a DMARC policy, no changes are required. 

Note: Mandrill requires a DMARC policy but it can be set to ‘p=none’ in relaxed mode, which allows emails that fail DMARC to be delivered normally. 


Last Step (Important!)

Once you have created the above records, click the button below. This will let us know that you have completed the steps and we'll then test the DNS settings to verify that the records are valid.


Please complete these updates by February 14, 2024, to ensure your email delivery continues smoothly and without interruption. 


For further assistance, contact our support team

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