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Do you want access to Knowledge Search in your Zingtree+Salesforce integration? Click here to request access. Or contact your Zingtree Account Manager or our Support Team. You will also need to update your Zingtree App in Salesforce and enable Knowledge Search. See installation instructions below.


Zingtree and Salesforce play well together. 

Using the Zingtree integration for Salesforce you can add scripts to your cases that will guide an agent to the proper solution, or through a company process.

The newly updated Salesforce app now allows you to also add Knowledge Search to deliver quick and relevant responses, searching across all of your Organization’s sources of Knowledge.


  1. First, create and configure a Knowledge Search Widget in Zingtree. Make note of the Deployment ID of your widget. You'll enter that into the Zingtree Configuration settings in Salesforce in step 4 below.
  2. Download the updated Zingtree app for Salesforce from here.
  3. Install or update the Zingtree app in Salesforce. See this article for full setup instructions.
  4. Be sure to enable Knowledge Search during the app installation.
  5. If you already have the Zingtree app installed in a page layout, remove it and add one of the updated Zingtree components. If this is a new install, add your preferred component to a page layout. See this article for the full Salesforce integration setup.
    • Zingtree Contains both Agent Script and Search tabs

    • Zingtree Agent Script  contains only the Agent Script tab.

    • Zingtree Knowledge Search Contains only the Searchtab.

Once installed, you’ll need to add the App to one or more object layouts. These locations are currently supported:

Salesforce Locations Agent Script Component Knowledge Search Component
Home Pages ✔️ Coming Soon
Record Pages ✔️ ✔️
Wizard Flows ✔️ Coming Soon

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